2018 Upcoming Events

​February 15, 2018                             Applicator Re-Certification Class 6:00-9:15 p.m.

June  14, 2018                                      18th Annual LWRCWMA Weed Tour

2018 Schedule of Events


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February 15                   Applicator Re-Certification Seminar

May                                     Mann Creek Valley (day #1)

                                               Mann Creek Cemetery/Thousand  Springs (day #1)

May                                     Midvale Weed Beaters (day #1)

May                                     C.W. Project

May                                     Middle Valley Waterways

May                                     Lower Pine (day #1) 

May                                     Valley View (day #1)

May                                     Salubria (day #1)

May                                     Dutch Flat (day #1)

May                                     Advent Gulch (day# 1)

                                               Pine Creek Mountain Estates

May                            Weed Crusaders (day #1)

June                                    Up the Creek (day #1)

June  13                            Teacher's Workshop

June  14                             LWRCWMA Annual Weed Tour

Aug                                      Washington County Fair-Weed Booth

September                      Midvale Weed Beaters (day #2)

September                      Salubria (day #2)

September                      Valley View (day #2)

September                      Dutch Flat Rush Skeletonweed

September                      Micky Gulch  

September                      Weed Crusaders (day #2)

October                            Mann Creek Valley (day #2)

                                               Mann Creek Cemetery/Thousand Springs (day #2)

October                            Lower Pine (day #2)

October                            Advent Gulch (day #2)

October                            Up the Creek (day #2)

Project schedules may change due to conflicts, weather, etc.  Remember that it is the Project Coordinator's responsibility to contact your cooperators and make all other necessary arrangements.