The Lower Weiser River CWMA was established under the direction of the Washington County Commissioners.  The Advisory Board for the CWMA was first seated by the Board of Washington County Commissioners in December of 2000 and functions in an advisory capacity to the County Commissioners relative to the management of noxious and invasive weeds in the CWMA.  The CWMA is intended to be a grassroots effort of local landowners, land managers and other interested individuals and organizations pooling their resources and capabilities to protect the natural and economic resources impacted by the spread of noxious and invasive weeds.  The Advisory Board may jointly:

  • Establish priorities.
  • Establish specific objectives for weed management.
  • Create Neighborhood Project Areas within the larger Management Area to more effectively utilize resources or treatments and coordinate treatment of individual weed species/infestations.
  • Develop common inventory techniques and mapping.
  • Manage designated noxious weeds using an integrated approach.
  • Coordinate cooperative use of resources and manpower.

The strategy establishes working groups for numerous Neighborhood Project Areas throughout the CWMA.  As these Neighborhood Project acres expand in area treated they will, over time, become intertwined with adjacent Neighborhood Project areas.  Thus, creating large blocks of control within the CWMA.


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